1,899 under coronavirus treatment in Almaty city

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – 413 new cases of the COVID-19 cases, including 385 symptomatic and 28 asymptomatic ones, have been reported in Almaty city in the past 24 hours, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to Almaty city’s health office, 365 people have been discharged from and 187 admitted to the hospitals in the city.

1,899 citizens of Almaty are receiving treatment for COVID-19 at the infectious diseases hospitals. 192 Almaty citizens with COVID-19 are in intensive care units, 31 on artificial lung ventilation, 92 on non-invasive artificial lung ventilation, and 51 on high flow oxygen devices.

4,530 coronavirus patients, including 4,268 with mild and moderate symptoms and 164 with no symptoms, are under home observation in the city.

Over the past day, the first COVID-19 vaccine jab has been given to 2,746 and both jabs to 4,723 in the city.

In the period from February 1 to September 27, a total of 946,202 citizens of Almaty were given the first jab of COVID-19 vaccine and 846,787 – both jabs.

60-year-olds account for 117,761 of the total vaccinated people.

Recall that the vaccination campaign kicked off across Kazakhstan on February 1, 2021. Kazakhstani healthcare workers were the first in line to get the vaccine against the coronavirus infection. Overall vaccination started on April 2, 2021. Citizens of Kazakhstan eligible for vaccination and willing to vaccinate can choose from a number of anti-COVID vaccines, including the homegrown QazVac vaccine.

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