1 dead, 3 wounded in stabbing rampage in Seoul

Фото: Yonhap
SEOUL. KAZINFORM - A man went on a stabbing rampage near Sillim subway station in southwestern Seoul on Friday, killing one man and wounding three others, Yonhap reports.

The man wielded a weapon near Exit 4 of the subway station around 2 p.m., killing a man in his 20s. The other three wounded men were sent to a hospital for treatment, but one of them was reportedly in a life-threatening condition.

Police shortly apprehended a man in his 30s at the scene as a suspect, and an investigation is under way to determine the motive of the crime and relations between the suspect and the victims.

Police officers had been sent to the scene upon an emergency call reporting that «Somebody has stabbed people and is running away.»

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