1,138 architectural heritage sites registered in Saudi National Register

Photo: WAM

The Saudi Heritage Commission announced the accreditation and documentation of 1,138 new architectural heritage sites, bringing the total number of entries in the National Register of Architectural Heritage to 3,646 across various regions of the Kingdom, WAM reports. 

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said that - among the new entries - 306 sites were added in the Al-Qassim Region, 224 in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Region, 179 in the Hail Region, 155 in the Asir Region, 127 in Makkah Region, 106 in Riyadh Region, 35 in Najran Region, and 6 in the Eastern Region.

The commission's initiative to register new sites is part of a broader strategy to identify cultural sites, officially record them, and incorporate them into digital maps for efficient management, protection, and preservation.

This comprehensive approach aims to build a database of registered heritage sites, document their evolution, and archive documents and photographs, thereby safeguarding the Kingdom's diverse heritage sites for future generations.

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