117 bodies of migrants washed ashore in Libya

TRIPOLI - Bodies of at least 117 migrants were washed ashore in the western Libyan city of Zwarah after their boat sank on the way to Europe, Libyan navy spokesman revealed on Friday.

Ayob Qasem said that the number is likely to increase, as the boats that carry illegal immigrants to Europe usually carry 125 people.

In a statement on Thursday, Zwarah's municipality council condemned "leniency and inaction of the state institutions and international organizations" towards the migrant crisis in the city. 

"The municipality of Zwarah holds the officials of the Libya institutions and international organization responsible for the failure to provide assistance to fight this phenomenon." 

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, at least 880 migrants died on the way to Europe this week. 

Smugglers take advantage of the state of chaos and insecurity in Libya to send thousands of migrants to Europe. 

Thousands of migrants chose to cross the Mediterranean towards Europe from Libya, many of whom died on the way.

Source: China Daily

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