16 injured in S Thailand bomb attack

BANGKOK. October 19. KAZINFORM. Insurgents on Monday morning detonated a bomb hidden on a motorcycle in south Thailand's Yala province, injuring 16, one soldier seriously hurt, local media said; Kazinform refers to Xinhua.

    The motorcycle parked inside a local market in Yala town where lots of soldiers and residents were buying food, exploded at the rush hour, the INN news agency reported.

    The injured were rushed to Yala central hospital and roads entering the market have been closed after the attack.

    Just before the attack, the army have checked the area with bomb detection equipment but without any trace, the INN said.

    The attack happend as the extended emergency decree in Thailand's three southernmost provinces have been put into effect since Monday. The cabinet have approved to extend the act for another three months last week; Kazinform cites Xinhua. See www.news.xinhuanet.com for full version.

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