2,000 historic projects to be restored in Iran: VP

KARAJ. KAZINFORM - Vice President and Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran (CHHTO) Ali Asghar Monesan said that now 2,000 historical cultural projects are in the process of being restored, IRNA reports.

Monesan said on Tuesday that 'good measures have been taken in this area and that the government has provided special support. We now have about one million historical sites in the country, which need to be preserved and restored permanently.'

On the tourism projects, the vice president further reiterated, 'The Cultural Heritage Organization is not the executor of these projects, but it is directing it.'

The vice president said that now over 1,980 tourism projects are underway in the country, which the private sector has invested in. It is an attempt to make the private and public sectors more involved in the implementation of cultural tourism programs.

He added that in the historical monument field, efforts are being made to restore them from the state budget, while adding these jobs for people.

Head of CHHTO on the number of foreign tourists in Iran stated, "From the beginning of April to the mid- December this year, the number of foreign tourists has exceeded 6 million. Last year, five million and 100,000 foreign tourists were registered.

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