2 kids die of measles in Kazakhstan

Photo credit: Pixabay

Kazakhstan recorded 29,648 cases of measles in 2023, children accounting for 79%. Over 1,900 measles cases have been reported since January this year, chairwoman of the Board of the National Public Health Center Manar Smagul said, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports. 

Teens accounted for 4%, and adults for 17% of the total cases. Since January 1 this year, up to 1,900 measles cases have been reported, said Smagul.

According to Aigerim Osspanova, director of the department for the protection of the health of mothers and infants of the Kazakh health ministry, two kids died of measles last December.

As Smagul said, as of today, the planned measles immunization coverage stands at over 94% countrywide. Over 949 thousand people have received additional vaccines.

The trend towards stabilization of the situation can be seen, she concluded.

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