21 more die of swine flu, toll reaches 833 across India

NEW DELHI. KAZINFORM - Swine flu claimed the lives of 21 more people as the toll reached 833 across the country while the number of persons affected by H1N1 virus breached the 14,000 mark.

According to health ministry figures, the total number of persons who have died of the disease till February 22 is 833 while a total of 14,484 persons has been affected by it across the nation.

Health ministry data on Sunday had showed that 812 people had died due to the disease while 13,688 people had been affected with the H1N1 virus.

The maximum toll was reported from Rajasthan with 214 deaths till February 22 out of 4,549 people who were affected by it while 207 people have perished in Gujarat where the number of affected persons stood at 3,107.

In a stormy start to the Gujarat assembly budget session on Monday, state governor O P Kohli had to cut short his address to the House owing to continuous protest and slogan shouting by opposition Congress members demanding discussion on the swine flu outbreak.

Data available with the health ministry showed that in Madhya Pradesh 112 people have died due to the disease while 99 have perished in Maharashtra where 1,013 people were affected.

In Telangana, 51 people have died while the number of affected persons was 1,316. Health ministry data showed that eight persons have died in Delhi while 2,241 people are affected by the disease, Kazinform refers to The Times of India .

The government said that all the measures were being taken while there was no dearth of medicines. "We are on the job", said a senior health ministry official.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu has recorded eight swine flu related deaths so far but the state is prepared to handle the virus with adequate medicines and vaccines in stock, the government informed the assembly on Monday.

In the wake of rising swine flu cases in the state, Uttar Pradesh government has asked people not to panic and that the government has sufficient medicines and is fully equipped to deal with the disease.

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