25,000 people still battling spring floods in Kazakhstan

25,000 people still battling spring floods in Kazakhstan
Photo credit: Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan

Official Spokesperson of the Kazakh Emergencies Ministry Askar Sharip reported mass media about the flood control efforts launched in Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency reports.

According to him, civil protection services continue tackling flood consequences and assisting the population in Atyrau, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan and North Kazakhstan regions.

“Flood situation in the West Kazakhstan region has already stabilized. Flooded summer houses are being monitored. Emergencies employees and policemen are patrolling the flooded areas,” he said at a briefing in the Central Communications Office in Astana today.

In his words, the emergency staff of Aktobe and Turkistan regions were sent from the West Kazakhstan to Atyrau region to help in flood relief efforts in the villages located on the Zhaiyk (Ural) river bank.

He said that water level changes on the Zhaiyk river are monitored in Atyrau region. Bank protection works were launched along the river in Atyrau to prevent flooding.

Water was pumped out from 6,082 residential buildings and 2,584 households in the North Kazakhstan, Atyrau, and Aktobe regions.

35,122 people have already returned their homes, while 8,520 are staying in the evacuation centers.

Emergency and rescue works involve more than 25,000 people and 3,000 vehicles, 638 water pumps, 268 boats and 14 aircraft.

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