268 participants to represent Kyrgyzstan at World Nomad Games in Kazakhstan

World Nomad Games
Photo credit: worldnomadgames.kz

At the World Nomad Games, which will be held in September in Kazakhstan, national sports will be represented by 268 participants from Kyrgyzstan, acting director of the Directorate for National Sports of Kyrgyzstan Zhenishbek Nurchoro uulu told at the press conference, Kabar reports.

The Kyrgyz delegation includes athletes, coaches and representatives of the management.

Kyrgyzstanis will take part in competitions in “Kok-Boru”, “Kok-paru”, “At Chabysh”, “Alysh bel boo kuroshu”, “Salbuurun”, “Tayak-tartysh”, etc.

At the moment, all teams are completed and are undergoing the first stage of preparation; the second stage will take place in the near future, Zhenishbek Nurchoro uulu reported.

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