27 districts face high risk of bird flu in Nepal

KATHMANDU. April 2. KAZINFORM The Directorate of Animal Health (DAH) has said that 27 districts in Nepal, including the capital Kathmandu, are at a high risk of bird flu, according to Xinhua.

Speaking at a press meeting in the capital on Sunday, DAH program director Ram Krishna Khatiwada said, "We have intensified surveillance in these high risk districts."

According to Khatiwada, another 18 districts face moderate risk and 26 districts low risk. There are 75 districts in the country.

The directorate said 23 outbreaks have been confirmed across the country till date. In this very period, the DAH has killed 67, 507 fowls, destroyed 23,088 eggs, 148.5 kg of chicken meat and 3, 413 kg of chicken feed, the Republica daily reported on Monday.

However, the directorate claimed that the disease is under control and people can consume well-cooked chicken.

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