3 foreign universities to open their campuses in Kazakhstan

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Branches of foreign universities will train over 2,000 highly skilled specialists for the country’s economy by 2029, Kazinform News Agency quotes Kazakh Science and Higher Education Minister Saysat Nurbek as saying.

He said campuses of three foreign universities will open in Kazakhstan this year.

The Kazakh Government permits foreign universities to arrive in Kazakhstan, invest their money, and build or buy buildings to provide knowledge. De Montfort University located in the heart of the city of Almaty is the first to open in Kazakhstan. Next year it will celebrate its first graduates.

The Coventry University will also open its campus in Kazakhstan this September in Astana. It covers a territory of 8 hectares.

A large campus of the Woosong University will be unveiled in Turkistan following the South Korean President’s recent visit to Kazakhstan.

He stressed the graduates of the said three universities will receive the British or South Korea’s diplomas and have a chance to work in these countries.

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