300-meter singing fountain to appear in Taraz

TARAZ. KAZINFORM - Construction and repair works are given the go-ahead in the ancient and historical center of Taraz city, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The regional head's press service said on 21 June, Zhambyl region governor Berdibek Saparbayev had toured the city of Taraz to examine the progress in the development of a number of projects.

Saparbayev visited the construction site of the Arbat Pedestrian Alley in the vicinity of the Mart Shopping and Entertainment Center.

Under Rukhani Janghyru (Spiritual Modernization) program, the country's largest tourist hub linking the Ancient Taraz archeological complex, where excavation works of the ancient settlement is underway, with the Shakhristan center - the site where the ancient settlement's Shakhiristan is believed to be located - which was an important link on the Great Silk Road, is being built in Taraz city.

The Arbat Pedestrian Alley is set to link the Shakhiristan and Ancient Taraz complexes. The tower clock named after poet Zhambyl Zhabayev can be observed standing on the Alley, as well as the mid-20th century two-storey residential buildings made in oriental style. The Arbat Pedestrian Alley is to stretch to the present-day market with an Oriental touch, which is under construction as phase two.

Phase three of the project aims at connecting the Ancient Taraz Complex with the Mausoleum of Karakhan, with the latter being famous among pilgrims and tourists.

A 320-meter singing fountain with small fountains and architectural forms is to be situated on the Alley once phase three has been completed. The area of 2.5 ha is planned to undergo greening and beautification works, with lighting poles, benches, and pergolas to be installed.

All the works are planned to be finished ahead of schedule - by late July, according to the contractor organization.

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