'Vainakh' center supports initiative on holding early presidential elections in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Head of the Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural center "Vainakh" in Astana Salman Geroyev said that the center supported the initiative on holding early presidential elections in Kazakhstan in 2015.

According to him, the Head of State works proactively and foresaw many challenges that could lead to a crisis not for one state but globally.

"It is good that we saved funds during the period when there were good prices for oil. We also managed to accumulate them in the National Fund. We need those funds now to save the economy from the crisis. Besides, we need those funds to build the airport now, hold the EXPO, TPP-3, modernize the TPP-1 and TPP-2, kindergartens and schools and extend loans to small and medium-sized business," S. Geroyev said.

Besides, he noted the interethnic peace was established in the country thanks to the wise policy of the President.

"All ethnic groups in Kazakhstan preserved their culture, language and customs. We, the Chechen and the Ingush actively support the national policy of N. Nazarbayev," he added.

"Under the leadership of N. Nazarbayev we will be confident that Kazakhstan is going live in peace and we are going to work hard to fulfill the instructions and achieve the goals set of our President," he concluded.

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