3rd elementary school teacher assaulted by student in a month

Photo: Yonhap
BUSAN. KAZINFORM - Another case of an elementary school student attacking a teacher has occurred in the southeastern port city of Busan, education officials said Monday, following two recent similar incidents, Yonhap reports.

According to the officials, a third-grade student at a Busan elementary school hit the female teacher in the face and kicked her body during class.

The assault occurred while the teacher was asking the student to refrain from certain actions in the process of putting away instruments after music class, the officials said.

The teacher was struck several times, while other students watched, and the violent student was separated only after other teachers were called in, they said, adding she sustained injuries to her breastbone and other body parts that require three weeks of treatment, and has taken sick leave.

Despite her considerable pain, however, the teacher has reportedly asked the school authority not to punish the student.

Two other cases of elementary school teachers being assaulted by their students have been reported, in Seoul and the western port city of Incheon, respectively, triggering social resentment about the serious infringement of teachers' rights.

On June 30, a female elementary school teacher in the western Seoul ward of Yangcheon was seriously battered by a sixth-grade student in the classroom, while other students watched.

In Incheon, an elementary school teacher was assaulted by a female student in the classroom on June 23 before being taken to the hospital.

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