410 tons of unused rocket fuel component 'melange' taken out from Kazakhstan - Defence Ministry

ASTANA. July 15. KAZINFORM - Almaty region technicians of the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan completed the work of loading and removal of 410 tons of unused stocks of rocket fuel component "melange" to Russia. This has been announced today at a press conference by the head of the Centre for control of arms reduction and security inspection activities at the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan Amangeldy Aubakirov.

According to him, the removal of "melange" was carried out with the direct assistance of experts and specialists of the OSCE for further processing at specialized enterprises.

The press service of the Defense Ministry recalled that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in a number of post-Soviet countries there had remained reserves of "melange." They were used for filling of intermediate-and shorter-range missiles that were in service with the Soviet army.

On the territory of Kazakhstan fuel component "melange" was centered near the village of Saryozek in Almaty region.

"Prolonged" melange ", which is highly toxic and dangerous substance in special tanks in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defence is a danger to people and the environment. In order to ensure safety and to prevent accidents, the Ministry of Defense submitted a bid to the OSCE to assist for export of "melange" for disposal ", informed Mr. Aubakirov.

As the head of the OSCE Centre in Astana, Ambassador Natalya Zarudna, stressed the application has been since 2006. During this time the technical experts of Kazakhstan and the OSCE have held several rounds of talks and organized visits to places of melange storage. As a result of consultations the parties signed documents defining the legal, financial and technical aspects of the joint project.

Most of the project was financed by the Kazakh side. Also in the financial support of the project there is contribution of Spain, which as a donor country has made some funds.

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