43,000 displaced by floods in E. Libya: IOM

Photo: Yonhap

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on Thursday that more than 43,000 individuals have been displaced due to the recent devastating floods in eastern Libya, Xinhua reports.

"The floods in northeastern Libya have led to an estimated 43,059 individuals being displaced," stated the IOM, noting that the shortage of water supply is reportedly prompting many displaced residents to leave the city of Derna, which suffered the most extensive damage in the region, and are relocating to other municipalities.

"Displaced individuals continue to move out of Derna to eastern locations, including Tobruk (1,320 individuals) and Benghazi (730 individuals). The majority of them are staying with relatives," added the IOM.

The IOM also emphasized the urgent needs of the affected areas, which include provisions for food, clean drinking water, and mental health and psychosocial support.

On September 10, the Mediterranean storm Daniel triggered Libya's worst floods in decades, resulting in the death of thousands and widespread damage to the region's infrastructure.

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