44 ethnic Kazakhs received Ata zholy card

Photo credit: Labor and Social Protection Ministry

Head of the migration committee of the Kazakh Labor and Social Protection Ministry Askarbek Yertayev briefed on the development of the business immigration in Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency reports.

As part of the growing competition for investments globally Kazakhstan is further developing business immigration to the country. Measures were taken to attract ethnic Kazakhstan through the Ata zholy card. Ethnic Kazakhs from the US and EU countries also are interested in getting the Ata zholy card as weel as from Russia and Mongolia, he told a briefing.

He said the card is awarded to ethnic Kazakhs who have specialties that are highly sought in the country or who have realized successful business cases.

44 ethnic Kazakhs receives the Ata zholy card, of which 20 are entrepreneurs.

The card is granted to ethnic Kazakhs staying abroad without the loss of citizenship as part of the 2023-2027 migration policy concept of Kazakhstan. The card holders will obtain a permanent residency permit for 10 years.

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