494 homes under construction for flood-hit villagers in Aktobe region

hosuing construction
Photo credit: primeminister.kz

652 homes will be built for flood-hit villagers in Aktobe region at large with 494 under construction. Homes remain still flooded only in Irgiz district, Kazinform News Agency reports.

4,084 homes were damaged in recent flooding across the region, 3,123 homes will be renovated.

7.8 billion tenge will be allocated from the local budget for the flood aftermath mitigation. 136 km of roads, 15 bridges and 23 social facilities will be also renovated.

Construction of new housing kicked off in five districts of Aktobe region. 40 construction organizations are deployed in construction. Repair works began at 420 homes.

2,904 people received one-time payments up to 100 MRI. Losses of small and medium-sized businesses that suspended their operation during flooding are projected to hit nearly 3 billion tenge.

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