5 billion people affected by extreme heat due to climate change in 9 days of June

Extreme heat
Photo credit: Anadolu Agency

Nearly 5 billion people suffered from extreme heat due to climate change from June 16 to June 24, according to Climate Central, Anadolu Agency reports. 

Due to climate change caused by emissions from burning petrol, gas, and coal, 619 million people in India and 579 million people in China were exposed to extreme heat, according to a nonprofit news organization based in the US that reports on climate science.

Extreme heat affected 231 million people in Indonesia, 206 million in Nigeria, 176 million in Brazil, 171 million in Bangladesh, 165 million in the US, 152 million in Europe, 123 million in Mexico, 121 million in Ethiopia, and 103 million in Egypt.

At least 1,300 hajj pilgrims died in Saudi Arabia due to extreme heat.

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