53 killed, 83 injured in tribal clashes in Sudan's North Darfur

KHARTOUM. February 24. KAZINFORM At least 53 people were killed and 83 others injured Saturday in fresh tribal clashes at Al- Siraif locality in Sudan's North Darfur state, a witness informed.

"Forces belonging to what is known as Abbala attacked Al-Siraif locality on Saturday from three directions with heavy weapons, ridding in some 30 vehicles and on over 3,000 horses and camels," Al-Fatih Al-Sayer, the witness, reported by phone.

"Preliminary statistics indicate that 53 people were killed, including five children and seven women, and 83 people injured," he said, adding that the attackers looted more than 4,000 goats and 2,000 cattle.

Similar tribal clashes took place in early January between Bani Hussein and Abbala tribes at Jabel Amer of Al-Siraif locality due to disputes over gold mines in the area, where some 100 people got killed.

Published by Xinhua

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