7 Ways You Can Always Be Mentally Sharp

BERLIN. July 11. KAZINFORM We live in a highly competitive world where our brain is our most important asset. The human brain is a complex machine, and although scientists have figured out how it works, there still are some unexplored areas of it - and, in the end, this is what makes the brain such a fascinating thing! Nonetheless, we need to train it properly if we want to have a great, sharp mind and to improve our cognitive function.

Here are 7 ways of exercise brain and stay mentally sharp that will surely benefit you in the long run:

1. Avoid Activities That Make Your Brain Numb

Believe it or not, there are certain activities that not only make you numb and tired, but also destroy brain cells - once destroyed, these valuable cells do not regenerate, this is why it is essential to minimize this natural destruction. While it is true that brain cells get damaged as we age, why speed up the process with activities like watching TV or playing computer games?

There is nothing wrong with these two activities when enjoyed moderately, the problem is that most people end up spending hours in a row doing nothing else but watching low-quality TV shows. These activities will eventually take their toll on your memory, your ability to concentrate and your cognitive function.

2. Include More Brain Foods In Your Diet

There are certain foods (which are commonly referred to as "super foods" due to their health benefits) that support the proper functioning of your brain in the long run. They protect your brain and they can even generate new brain cells, provided that you give your brain the nutrients it needs, the building blocks that are required to make new brain cells. Focus on foods that contain healthy fats and fatty acids, like the well-known Omega-3 and Omega-6 which can be found in fatty fish such as salmon or tuna.

On the other hand, your brain also needs high amounts of antioxidants to function properly. The older we get the more exposed we are in front of free radicals, therefore you need to increase your intake of carrots, garlic, broccoli, grapes or blueberries. Olive oil is extremely beneficial for the health of your brain as well!

3. Train Your Brain With Numbers And Lyrics

There are many different ways in which you can train your brain, but a pleasant and efficient way is to train it with song lyrics - after all, who does not like song lyrics? Not to mention that sometimes, we tend to memorize lyrics without even trying. Learning a few new lines and repeating them constantly is certainly a great way to train your brain. Moreover, it is also highly recommended to do easy math problems without relying on your calculator, if they do not involve complex mathematical equations.

4. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

While it is true that computer games and watching too much TV can make you brain-dead, nothing damages your brain more than alcohol. You do not even need to consume alcoholic beverages in impressive amount, if you consume them on a regular basis they will eventually affect your memory. Alcohol is known to slow down the mental functions and to interfere with your cognitive ability as well. Otherwise stated, it prevents you from thinking clearly - one more reason to steer clear from it!

5. Learn A New Language

In addition to lyrics, learning a new language is also a great way to train your brain - you will be amazed to see how easy you can connect languages and find similar words. This is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to improve your cognitive function, not to mention that you also have the chance to discover new mentalities and cultures, and this will certainly look good on your CV!

6. Mind Games Can Work Like Magic

Mind games and memory games are also a great choice when it comes to training your brain and staying sharp in the long run. Scrabble, for instance, is a great way to expand your vocabulary and to improve alertness, while card games and board games will improve your memory and help you develop mental strategies quickly and effortlessly.

7. Learn How To Relax

Last, but not least, stress is also one of the most dangerous factors that impact your cognitive function, not to mention the variety of negative effects it has on your overall health. It is important to know when to detach from the daily routine and pressure - stress is directly related to anxiety, panic attacks and depression, and all these issues are known to dampen your cognitive function if not addressed in real-time.

Source: www.fitnea.com

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