80.5 mln tons of oil planned to be produced in Kazakhstan in 2015

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - 80.5 million tons of oil are planned to be produced in Kazakhstan in 2015, Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Vladimir Shkolnik said at enlarged sitting of the Ministry.

"We expect that about 80.5 million tons of oil will be produced in Kazakhstan in 2015. Extracting companies took certain measures to reduce expenses to reach these figures. Meanwhile, jointly with the economic block of the Government, the analysis of the financial state of the main extracting companies is being held. As a result of the analysis, the decision on optimization of taxation in order to maintain the level of production and keep observe social responsibilities will be made. It needs to done by the end of this March," the minister told adding that a correction of the working programs of subsoil users could be done as well.

According to the minister, the extraction of oil and condensate made 80.8 million tons in 2014 or 90.8% compared to the previous year. The reduction happened due to a long period of maintenance overhaul at Tengiz field.

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