9,313,379 Kazakhstanis got fully vaccinated against COVID-19

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Healthcare has announced updated data on the number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus infection, Kazinform reports.

As of July 7, 2022, 9,529,403 people got their 1st COVID-19 shot, and 9,313,379 got the second dose of the vaccines.

4,842,125 people were revaccinated.

1,226,202 people got their 1st shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and 1,157,680 received their second Pfizer shot.

Those who received their 1st Pfizer shot are: teens – 867, 904, pregnant women – 41,229, and breastfeeding women – 144,919.

842,866 teenagers, 38,514, pregnant women and 138,547 breastfeeding women got their 2nd Pfizer shot.

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