9 Kazakhstanis, 4 foreigners killed in Almaty hostel fire

Photo: Alexander Pavskiy/Kazinform News Agency

The Almaty city police department confirmed the identities of those killed in the hostel fire, Kazinform News Agency reports.

Nine of them are Kazakhstanis, two of them are nationals of Russia and two are nationals of Uzbekistan. A forensic medical exam has been arranged.

As earlier reported, 13 people were killed in the hostel fire in Almaty. As of 08:40 a.m., 59 people self-evacuated, three of them were rushed to the hospital. There were initially 72 people in the hostel. 56 are housed temporarily at one of the schools. Among those killed are the nationals of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

The governmental commission was set up to determine the cause of the fire.

A criminal investigation was launched into the hostel fire.

The Kazakh Emergency Situations Ministry launched a hotline as a fire ripped through the hostel in Almaty in the early hours of November 30. It can be reached by at 8 727 278 20 83 and 8 727 278 20 84.

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