A large greenhouse to be built in Uzbekistan’s Mirzaabad district

Photo credit: UzA

Hokim of Syrdarya region Akmaljon Makhmudaliyev received the Chairman of the Board of the Turkish company MINESSI A.S., Yasin Kaplan, UzA reports.

At the meeting, a project for constructing a modern greenhouse in Mirzaabad district based on water and energy-saving technologies was discussed.

It was noted that the $500 million complex would create 750 permanent jobs. The greenhouse will consist of 4 blocks connected into a single system. Vegetables, strawberries, flowers and their seedlings, fruit trees, and their seedlings will be grown in separate blocks. In each, closed areas will be created for product processing, sorting, and packaging.

At the same time, the production of corrugated cardboard and plastic containers necessary for packaging will begin here. The project’s initial phase will use solar and wind energy, with plans to build a 10 MW power plant later. In addition, studies will be conducted to determine the possibilities of using geothermal energy sources for heating.

It is planned to export products mainly to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The head of the region, fully supporting the proposal, noted that the region has all the conditions for implementing the project.

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