Activists hack 15 Lebanese gov't websites

BEIRUT. April 17. KAZINFORM   A Lebanese activist group on Tuesday hacked 15 government websites to demand better living standards as the parliament started a three-day session on government performance assessment.


"We are simply a group of people who can not bear sitting in silence, watching all the crimes and injustice going on in Lebanon, " the group said, which calls itself "Raise Your Voice."

The group vowed to continue to hack the websites until the Lebanese people are granted what they ask for and their living standards are improved.

Among the hacked websites are those of the National News Agency, the Presidency, as well as the ministries of energy, water, justice and foreign affairs.

The hacking came as the opposition gears up to grill the government for what it calls a bad performance and procrastination in the implementation of major decisions.

The activists posted a caricature on the home page of these websites which depicts a skinny man, representing the people, feeding a fat man symbolizing the government, Xinhua reports.

Moreover, the websites of the ministries of energy and water were marked with messages saying "electricity is cut" and "water is cut."

The group previously hacked several government websites in early March.

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