Aidos Sarym says Kazakhstan needs new land cadastre

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Member of the Land Reform Commission, famous political expert Aidos Sarym proposes to launch a new land cadastre in Kazakhstan and define promising investors. He said yesterday in an interview with mass media after the Commission's first meeting, Kazinform reports..

“There is no country which created its own successful development model without resolution of land issue,” said Sarym.

In his opinion, land-related issues are the issues of national security, therefore authorities must eliminate corruption and solve the problem of ineffective land relations.

“If we have enough time for this and enough potential, we will create an adequate land cadastre to see whom land parcels belongs to, who could be a promising investor or owner of this land,” he added.

Recall that the Land Reform Commission held yesterday its first meeting in Astana. 75 members of the Commission debated the disputed Land Code and land-related issues for more than 5 hours. It was decided that the Commission will hold its meetings every Saturday.

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