os-Uitas Burrial is the monument of the middle and late period of Bronze Epoch. It is located at the 50 km to North-East from Zhezkazgan city of Karaganda Region on the left bank of Kengir River.

In 1983-1984 the monument was studied by the South-Kazakhstan archeological expedition headed by E.R. Usmanov and in 1997 headed by Zh. Kurmankulov.

The fragments of dish and bones of sacrificial animals related to Nurin period of XIII-XI centuries B.C. Burial hills were founded at the west part of the burial. Three stone ranges of fences were excavated in one of them.

Bronze baselards, bone arrowhead and other articles of Begazy-Dandybai culture were founded there.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 1.

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