Aktobe region: Operation of kindergartens to be suspended

AKTOBE. KAZINFORM – Operation of kindergartens in Aktobe region will be suspended starting from June 25, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Nine employees of preschool organizations tested positive for COVID-19. In this regard it was decided to suspend the operation of all kindergartens in the region. To date, 671 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the area.

248 cases of coronavirus and 291 asymptomatic cases of the COVID-19 were recorded in the city of Aktobe. 11 cases were detected in Aitekebi district, 16 cases in Alginsky, 3 in Baiganinsky, 9 in Irgizsky, 5 in Khobdinsky, 24 in Kargalinsky, 21 in Mugalzharsky, 23 in Temirsky, 4 in Uilsky, 37 in Khromtausky, 48 in Shalkarsky. The increase is 7.3 percent.

More than 2.5 thousand people are self-isolated at their homes.

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