Aktobe reports increase in critical COVID-19 patients

AKTOBE. KAZINFORM - 16 Aktobe citizens with the coronavirus infection are in critical condition in intensive care units, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to head of the regional health office Asset Kaliyev, the epidemic situation has leveled off in Aktobe region. There have been 538 COVID-19 cases with symptoms and 147 asymptomatic cases in the region. Most symptoms-free patients receive outpatient treatment.

He went on to say that the number of patients in critical condition was growing. Out of 16 patients in ICUs, 6 have been connected to lung ventilators.

1,300 people have been isolating at home across the region. The virus has spread to all the region's districts, except Ayteke Bi district, Khobdinsk district, and Emba city, Mugalzharsk district.

Notably, Aktobe's Talgat Bigeldinov Military Institute of the Air Defense Force has reported 10 asymptomatic cases of the coronavirus infection. They all have been isolated and held in medical remand.

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