Aktobe rgn reports decline in pneumonia cases

AKTOBE. KAZINFORM - The epidemiological situation in Aktobe region has been debated at a meeting with participation of Governor Ondasyn Urazalin held at the regional administration, Kazinform reports.

Deputy Governor Nurzhaugan Kalauov also attended the meeting, where he reported that the region had seen the epidemic situation stabilized.

According to Urazalin, the number of people hospitalized with pneumonia has started to decline since July 1. He went on to say that 71 people had been hospitalized over the past day as well as 116 had been discharged.

The regional hospitals' occupancy is said to be 70% as of today.

The deputy governor said the hospitals' bed capacity had risen by 50%. He went on to say that the work had been carried out to strengthen the regional medical facilities' physical infrastructure. According to him, around 400 oxygen tanks have been obtained, 510 tanks are refilled day and night. The region has 300 Bobrov's apparatuses and 55 oxygen concentrates, with 200 more planned to be obtained. There are 184 lung ventilators, including 98 in the region's temporarily hospitals.

22 names of pharmaceuticals are said to be delivered to Aktobe city under the agreement between the regional administration and the regional pharmacy warehouse of Orenburg city.

The region's call center have handled over 4,700 calls relating to COVID-19 and pneumonia since July 5.

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