Almaty region launches new facilities, reduces unemployment - Akim S. Umbetov

DYKORGAN. October 22. KAZINFORM. /Sandugash Duissenova/ Despite the challenges born by the world financial crisis new facilities are under construction in Almaty region, new innovation projects are implemented and the unemployment rate is reduced, our guest Akim of Almaty region Serik Umbetov says in an interview to Kazinform.

As is known 132 projects to the amount of KZT 13 bln are included into the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan. Among them 10 regional and 4 interregional projects to the amount of KZT 4.2 bln will be carried through in Almaty region. How are they being  implemented?

Out of 10 innovation projects there was launched a Greenfield Plant of 'RG Brands' JSC on production of cold drinks as Pepsi, Cola, juices and tea drinks. Its capacity is about 550 mln liters of Pepsi, 380 mln liters of juice, 8 750 tons of tea and about 1.44 million of snacks. The total cost of the project is KZT 15.1 bln. It is implemented with participation of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan which allocated KZT 4 235 bln. The construction of facilities and transfer of existing production platform from Almaty city was possible at the expense of loaned and internal funds.

Construction works are carried out at Moinakskaya hydro power station, one of the most important state construction facilities financed by Samruk-Kazyna JSC. In case of successful launch of the facility it will produce about 300 MW of electric energy. The design and estimate documentation of another important facility - Balkhash thermal power plant - is being developed.

The launch of these two stations will essentially help solve the problem of energy deficit and influence on the price policy as a whole. Now we lay primary emphasis upon the construction of small hydro electric power plants. At present ASPMK 519 LLP has developed a working construction project of small hydro electric power plants on Karatal and Chizh Rivers. The firm intends to construct the plants in the nearest future.

Besides, greenhouses are constructed in Tekeli town; construction project of a dry feed lot for 5 000 heads of cattle is undergoing the state expertise in Balkhash municipality; construction-installation works are carried out in Khorgos station, Panfilov municipality.

Another construction facility is a cement plant in Kerbulak municipality which is capable to produce about 1 million tons of cement a year. The first foundation stone of Zhetygen-Khorgos railway in Ili municipality was laid by the President of Kazakhstan.

There are other four interregional projects.

Three projects are also connected with electricity. It is the modernization of the electric system in Taldykorgan city and Kazbek Bi station. Two power lines with the length of 44 km will be laid there. Transformer stations will be constructed in three villages of Karassay and Talgar municipalities.

And the most important for the country project is the reconstruction of the international transit corridor 'Eastern Europe - Eastern China'. The project cost of the corridor amounted to KZT 14 435 mln. Other 18 projects amounted to KZT 52.3 bln are also implemented in the region.

What measures for minimization of crisis consequences were taken in Almaty region? 

KZT 14.7 bln was allocated to our region for implementation of the regional program from which KZT 9.7 bln was allotted from the national budget and KZT 5 bln from the local one. Out of these funds KZT 12.7 bln were directed to 4 investment projects. They are reconstruction of roads, housing complexes, social and cultural centers, schools and hospitals. About 20 thousand jobs will be created due to implementation of all these projects. Special attention is paid to the youth practice. KZT 196 mln was allocated from the national budget for employment of 2 177 school graduates.

As a whole the implementation of the Road Map has positively influenced on the situation in the labor market in the second quarter of the year. According to the statistics, the rate of unemployment in the region following the results of the second quarter reduced by 6.6 percent whereas in the third quarter - by 6.3 percent. Another positive moment is that we address the issue of unemployment not only through reconstruction of rural roads but also improvement of territories rarely visited by people.

What other issues were addressed in the region under the Road Map Program?

The Road Map gave a possibility to reconstruct a boiler-house and thermal system of Kapshagay town and Otegen Batyr village in Ili municipality as well as reconstruct a boiler-house in Taldykorgan city and central boiler-house of the regional center. Besides, 28 children playgrounds and 52 sports facilities are under construction. 11 parks and territories of 2 rural clubs are improved.

At present the implementation of the Road Map Program is on its final stage. Out of 301 projects 252 facilities or 84% of the total number were put into operation. All the rest facilities of the Program are expected to be completed by the end of November. 94.3 percent of allocated funds were used.

As is known despite financial difficulties you did not let stop the construction of the Sports Palace, moreover you urged to complete its construction in time.

The Sports Palace constructed in south-west part of Taldykorgan city will one of the largest facilities in the region. It is fully corresponds to the name of the Palace. It is also proved by its estimate cost - over KZT 3 bln. The building holds about 1 500 sideliners and aimed at crrying out of different large contests and presentations of national and international significance.

Other two palaces are constructed in Taldykorgan as Language and Knowledge Palaces. If Knowledge and Sport Palaces to open in the second half of the next year the Language Palace will be opened in the end of the current year. Though the Knowledge Palace means the Intellectual School under the First President of Kazakhstan all construction facilities completely correspond to this loud designation of its architectural status.

In the end I should tell about another construction in the regional center as the Palace of Spiritual Development. I mean construction of the largest mosque in the third micro-district for 1 200 seats.

As you see despite financial difficulties we continue to implement all planned projects.

Thank you for the interview.

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