Almaty represents first city buses fueled by compressed natural gas

ALMATY. December 22. KAZINFORM /Daniyar Sihimbayev/ The first buses on gas were represented in Almaty for its bus fleet. Almaty Mayor Akhmetzhan Yessimov became the first passenger.

The buses meet all technical, environmental and other international standards and called on to make the environmental situation in Almaty better. The bus has 30 seats and can hold 110 passengers. Purchase of 200 buses is planned. The length of the bus is 12 meters and it fueled by compressed natural gas. Delivery of all buses is expected to be finished by April of next year.

According to the Mayor all of the bus parks in Almaty are private. 'In situations of heavy traffic the role of public transport increases therefore we decided to establish a public bus fleet. Besides, we need it for increasing the competitiveness and putting the standards at a higher level. These buses meet all standards, they are comfortable, adopted to urban conditions and work on gas', A. Yessimov added.

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