Alonso crash caused by 'wind'

MADRID. KAZINFORM - The accident which saw Spanish Formula 1 pilot Fernando Alonso airlifted to hospital in Barcelona on Sunday was not caused by any mechanical failure or driver error, but a gust of "wind", his McLaren Honda team confirmed on Monday, Kazinform refers to

Alonso needed to be airlifted to hospital after hitting a wall at 150 kilometers an hour, during pre-season practice in the Montmelo circuit outside of Barcelona.

"The accident was caused by the unpredictable gusts of wind in that part of the circuit and they had also affected other pilots in a similar manner," explained his team, which insisted there had been no mechanical or structural failure in the Spaniard's car.

The team also denied rumors that Alonso had lost consciousness before the crash, explaining that the fact he had changed gear and braked before hitting the wall, was "clearly impossible if he had been unconscious at that moment".

Alonso has undergone a series of tests in hospital to ensure he had not suffered any internal injuries and McLaren say the results have been "completely normal", although he will "remain in hospital in order to recover from the effects of his medication and sedation", and he will leave hospital when he can "lead a normal life".

"There is no hurry, we don't know if he will be one, two or three days, we will be in as long as needed for the medical team to decide we can leave", confirmed his representative, Luis Garcia Abad.

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