Another victim of Kalachi lethargy disease hospitalized

KOKSHETAU. KAZINFORM - More than sixty incidences of sleeping dropsy have been recorded in the village of Kalachi, Akmola region, since March 2013.

A new case of sleeping dropsy was reported in Kalachi village. A woman, a social worker, has been admitted to a hospital. Kazinform refers to the chief doctor of Yesilsky district hospital Kabdrashit Almagambetov.

He informed that the woman, born in 1967, has been diagnosed with "encephalopathy of uncertain etiology".

It should be noted that within the last 10 days more than 30 villagers of Kalachi with encephalopathy of uncertain etiology have been delivered to the hospital.

NOTE: Numerous commissions from Kazakhstan Health Ministry, scientists from the research institute of radiation medicine and environment and Karaganda research center of labor hygiene and occupational diseases, other experts, in spite of all-out research fail to establish the cause of the illness. Experts ruled out infectious and bacteriological backgrounds and reassured that radiation levels in the village are normal. According to them, maximum allowable concentrations of salts and heavy metals do not exceed the limits either. The village of Kalachi with the population of 680 people is 600 meters away from the settlement of Krasnogorsk, where 6,500 people, predominantly miners, used to live. These days there are only 130 residents there. The settlement was part of the Soviet-era mining sector and uranium ores were produced nearby in the period of 1960-1990. Uranium production was stopped in 1991-1992 following the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the mines were shut down.

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