ANSA: Extreme weather, Bonaccini to ask for state of emergency

ROME. KAZINFORM Emilia Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini said on Sunday he will ask for a national state of emergency in response to the latest bout of extreme weather to hit much of the northern region on Saturday.

In a Facebook post titled 'Bad weather, no peace for Emilia Romagna', Bonaccini said the regional authorities were «working on counting the damage, activating the regional state of emergency and requesting a national state of emergency in order to intervene as quickly and effectively as possible to fix the damage and guarantee reimbursements», ANSA reports.

On Saturday a whirlwind caused damage to property and injuries in Ravenna and Ferrara areas, while the other provinces were battered by strong winds, heavy rain and hailstorms.

The latest bout of extreme weather comes as the region is still struggling to pick itself up from the flooding and landslide emergency caused by two waves of torrential rainfall in May, which left 15 people dead and caused billions of euros of damage to the local economy.

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