ANSA: Immuni makes nationwide debut in Italy

ROME. KAZINFORM - After a week of testing in four regions, the Immuni contract-tracing app made its nationwide debut on Monday, ANSA reports.

The app, part of the government's strategy to contain the coronavirus, made its debut with its numbers on the rise: 2.5 million Italians have downloaded it, according to the innovation ministry, and it is now integrated into the health system throughout the peninsular.
«You can download it safely, with serenity and tranquility because it protects privacy, its discipline is highly rigorous and it does not invade private spaces,» said Premier Giuseppe Conte a few days ago.
«We are proud. We were among the first in Europe, if not the first in the Western world, to have achieved this result (of the Immuni app), which passed the examination of the most rigorous, respected international institutes».
The app has been available on the Apple and Google digital stores since June 1 and it went through a testing phase in four regions (Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia) starting June 8.
«Over two million Italians have already downloaded it,» said Emergency Commissioner Domenico Arcuri.

«They did so voluntarily. «A massive communication campaign will be staged.
«I want to reiterate that it is anonymous and will remain so until the end of its use.
«It is a fundamental component of the strategy to contain the pandemic in our country.
«We had to, and wanted to, respect the demands of privacy and we took the minimum amount of time possible». First Results. The use of the Immuni app to trace COVID cases has already delivered its first results, in Liguria.
The region, one of four where the app was first tested, registered the «unlocking of the first tree app codes on individuals who tested positive» Governor Giovanni Toti announced. Europe.
The adoption of tracing apps, meanwhile, proceeds in other parts of Europe too. After Switzerland and Italy, Germany will present its app, which is also based on Apple-Google technology, on June 16.

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