António Guterres calls for global reforms to address climate crisis

António Guterres calls for global reforms to address climate crisis
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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres took part in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in the “SCO plus” format, which is taking place in Astana, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

António Guterres, in his speech, spoke about the divisions in the world that result in addressing climate change.

“2023 was the hottest year on record, but it could be one of the coolest years of the future. The gathering impacts of the crisis are already hitting your countries hard, from melting glaciers to deadly floods, storms, droughts, and extreme heat. This is just a taste of what is to come. Our climate is breaking down, threatening water and food security, undermining sustainable development, driving displacements, and fueling political instability,” notes UN Secretary-General.

António Guterres emphasized the urgent need for increased ambition in reducing emissions and achieving climate justice. He called on developed nations and major emitters to lead this effort, adhering to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

“All governments must submit new nationally determined contributions and new national action plans by next year. These plans must be fully aligned with limiting long term global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and they must include absolute emissions reduction targets for 2030 and 2035. It is important that they reflect how our countries will contribute to the global transitions essential to keeping 1.5° within reach, ending deforestation, tripling renewable energy capacity, and cutting global production and consumption of fossil fuels by at least 30% by 2030. All countries must end the use of coal power completely by 2040 at the latest,” says Guterres.

He also emphasized the critical role of finance in promoting climate action and addressing inequality. He called for strong financial commitments from COP 29, including efforts to enhance the lending capabilities of multilateral development banks and reform their business models to attract more private investment in climate initiatives.

“We need developed countries to fully respect their commitments and assume their responsibilities. And they will double financing for adaptation and fully implement all their commitments, including significant contributions to the new loss and damage funds to ensure heft for business this year and that climate justice becomes a reality,” adds says Antonio Guterres.

He also acknowledged the significance of South-South cooperation but stressed that it does not replace the responsibilities of developed nations.

“It's time to put a price on carbon and to tax the windfall profits of fossil fuel companies. By COP 29, we need early adopters to start putting solidarity levies on sectors including shipping, aviation, and fossil fuel extraction,” notes UN Secretary-General.

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