Apparent temperatures in Seoul fall to minus 21.7°C

Photo credit: Yonhap

Morning temperatures in Seoul fell to minus 14 C, with apparent temperatures of minus 21.7 C, on Tuesday as the latest cold wave continued to grip South Korea countrywide, Yonhap reports.

The cold wave that struck the country the previous day is expected to further freeze the nation, keeping daytime temperatures below the freezing point in most regions, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

Temperatures in Seoul plunged to minus 13.9 C, with apparent temperatures of as low as minus 21.7 C, while surrounding cities Incheon and Suwon saw temperatures reach minus 13.1 C and minus 12.8 C, the KMA said.

The mercury also dipped to minus 13.4 C in the eastern city of Chuncheon as of 5 a.m. and minus 9.8 C in the eastern coastal city of Gangneung, while the central city of Daejeon recorded minus 12.2 C.

The highs are forecast to range from minus 9 C to 1 C nationwide.

Regions in South Chungcheong and Jeolla provinces and Jeju Island are predicted to see snowfall continue through Wednesday, with the amount of snowfall likely to reach up to 20 centimeters in parts of North Jeolla and up to 50 cm in some mountainous areas of Jeju by the following day.

Beginning in the evening, western coastal areas in southern parts of Gyeonggi Province surrounding Seoul and parts of South and North Gyeongsang Provinces may also experience mild snowfall, the weather agency said.

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