Apple iPhone 7 allegedly explodes in China

BEIJING. KAZINFORM - While the explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not far behind us, a video of an iPhone 7exploding in China surfaced online on Monday, The Paper reports.

In the video, a man from Zhengzhou, central China's Henan province, said that his rose-goldiPhone 7 suddenly exploded as he was shooting a video with it last week. The phoneexploded into two parts and left his hands swollen and his face with some injuries.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 7's explosion, which smoked excessively after burning, this iPhone 7exploded leaving no burn marks, and the battery remained in good condition.

Apple China reported the incident to its headquarters, says The Paper.

This is the first known iPhone 7 explosion in China, but it was not an isolated incident withinthe world. An iPhone 6 Plus in California, US, exploded with black smoke as it was chargedand the phone was completely, the ABC News reported.

Earlier this week, an iPhone 6 Plus belonging to Darina Hlavaty, an American student, burnedsuddenly during a class, leaving a burnt hole in her jeans.

Source: China Daily

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