Around 2,000 schools to be connected to Starlink Internet in Kazakhstan by late 2024

Photo credit: Akmola region akimat

According to the Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry, Zhaslan Madiev, 2,000 schools in Kazakhstan will be connected to Starlink satellite Internet by the end of 2024, Kazinform News Agency conveys.

Madiev highlighted that Starlink is a large, global company, which is currently in a test mode in our country. 
“We anticipate that approximately 2,000 schools will have received a Starlink terminal by the end of the year. We are in discussions with Starlink to integrate the necessary infrastructure so that we can launch this technology to the masses," the minister noted.
However, he observed that there are other companies in Kazakhstan besides Starlink.
"We have other solutions besides Starlink, such as OneWeb, which is currently installing a pairing station. I believe they will be able to provide these services on a commercial basis in early 2025. Therefore, I think this market should be competitive. We should encourage the development of such technologies, but there should be a balance between the desire to implement these technological solutions and national security," Zhaslan Madiev added.

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