Around 9,000 Kazakhstanis resettled from south to north in 2023

Around 9,000 Kazakhstanis resettled from south to north in 2023
Photo credit: Viktor Fedyunin/Kazinform

8,903 Kazakhstanis including 6,492 kandas (ethnic Kazakhs) and 2,337 internal migrants resettled from the country’s south to the north in 2023 under the national project “Strong Regions – Drivers of Country’s Development.” All of them were provided with state support measures, Kazinform News Agency reports citing the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Those moving from the labour surplus to labor deficit areas enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lump-sum travel costs to the amount of 70 monthly calculation indices per each family member
  • Monthly housing rent and utility allowance for the period of 12 months, amounting from 15 to 30 monthly calculation indices depending on the number of family members and settlement.
  • Short-term professional training
  • Assistance in employment or doing business
  • Economic mobility certificate  (financial assistance provided for the purchase or construction of housing, or as an initial installment of a mortgage loan)

Moreover, those employers hiring settlers receive lump-sum subsidy to the amount of 400,000 monthly calculation indices per each employee, provided with housing and employed for at least 2 years.

Of those resettled last year, 4,158 are of employable age. 3,079 people were employed and 164 do business. 35 people received state grants for setting up a business.

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