Artificial rain tested over Yellow Sea to fight fine dust

SEOUL. KAZINFORM South Korea conducted an artificial rain experiment over the Yellow Sea on Friday to analyze the method's effect on reducing fine dust pollution.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) and the Ministry of Environment said that their research institutes jointly began the rare experiment over the sea off the nation's west-central coast in the morning, Yonhap reports.

An airplane owned by the KMA dispersed silver iodide, a chemical that increases precipitation by collecting water vapor, into the clouds.

Researchers utilized ships and various devices to observe changes in precipitation particles in the clouds and any reduction of fine dust concentrations after the chemical was sprayed.

The government agencies plan to disclose the results of the artificial rain experiment on Saturday at the earliest, before releasing a more detailed scientific analysis next month.

South Korea had previously conducted similar experiments in inland areas but with little success. It was the first time the experiment had been carried out over the sea.

If successful, the government expects the experiment to help efforts to reduce the density of fine dust particles blowing toward Korea from China.

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