Astana's population to reach 900,000 by 2017

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Astana's population is set to reach 900 thousand people by 2017, Bakytbai Taitaliyev said at the meeting dedicated to discussion of the master plan of Astana city development until 2030.

"The number of Astana residents is forecasted to reach 900 thousand people at the time of holding of the EXPO 2017 event in the Kazakh capital. Over 5 million people are expected to visit the EXPO 2017 pavilion in Astana. That is 270 thousand visits per day on average," Bakytbai Taitaliyev, the chief architect of Research and Development and Design Institute "Astana GenPlan" LLP, noted at the meeting. In his words, the number of Astana residents and tourists at some point will make nearly 1,2 million people in summer 2017. "We need to develop necessary engineering and transport infrastructure as well as build various facilities in order to meet the needs of all these people in 2017," Mr. Taitaliyev added.

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