Astana city’s General Layout 2035 approved

Astana city’s General Layout 2035 approved
Photo credit: Kazinform

The Government of Kazakhstan has approved the 2035 General Layout of Astana, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The document determines further steps towards development of the capital’s social, housing-utilities, transport and energy infrastructure.

Drafted at the instruction of the Head of State, the document underwent wide public discussions.

The General Layout provides for outstripping development of the city with the consideration of a dynamic growth of the population.

1.2 million people are living in Astana today. By 2035, this figure may reach 2.3 million.

164 schools, 178 kindergartens and 93 healthcare facilities will be built in Astana under the new General Layout. 15 palaces of schoolchildren will be opened by 2029.

The city’s housing stock is planned to be expanded to 68.2 million square meters, while the length of streets will be increased to 2.5 thousand kilometers.

Five large bridges will be built in Yessil district.

Pumping and filtering unit No4 generating 210,000 cubic meters of water per day will be built. The Telman pumping station with the daily capacity of 160,000 cubic meters will be extended.

The second stage of Thermal Power Plant 3, four new gas-fired heating stations will be built in the city. The Thermal Power Plant 2 will be expanded. 14 substations with the capacity of 110/10 KW will be put into operation as well.

To address gas supply issues, the capacity of the existing automated gas distribution stations No 1 and No 2 will be increased.

The authorities will continue expanding the Green Belt around Astana, where additional 2,700 hectares of land plots were allocated.

6.3 trillion tenge wil be spent on the 2035 General Layout’s implementation from all sources of finances. Of this, approximately 4.3 trillion tenge of private investments will be injected in housing construction, and 700 billion tenge will be spent on infrastructure projects.

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