Astana hosts an exhibition of the famous dentist

ASTANA. July 27. KAZINFORM Opening of a photo exhibition "Condition-6" by the member of Photo artists union of Russia, famous dentist Genrikh Kupriyanov will take place in the Museum of modern art. This is reported to by the exhibition organizers.

The master's exhibition presents 43 new works depicting moments from the life of the capital Astana and Akmola region which is his native place. The exposition includes variety of landscapes, portraits and still life paintings.

10 photographs are presented in the series "City landscapes". "Mosque Hazret Sultan", "The city is still awake", "Lantern", "Around the corner...", "Dull twilight", "Evening motive", "Start of the day", "Autumn", "Winter morning", "On the woodside", "Portrait of a man", "Still life", etc.

Kupriyanov Genrikh graduated form Kazakh state medical institute in 1963, and in October 1964, just like many other soviet people, came to Tselinograd after a call of the USSR Communist party. Since then he's been living in our city. For 47 years he's worked as a dentist in Health house of Astana. From one year to another he's painted landscapes with water colours, he's gone for iconology, stones, photography. His favourite work and photography are his life's credo. Since 1966 his life has been connected with black&white photo. Since 1968 he was engaged in photo clubs "Luch" and "Poisk". He is a participant of multiple city, regional, republican, all-Union and international exhibitions of documentary and pictorial photography. He is a repeated laureate of a photo contest of the regional newspaper "Tselinogradskaya pravda", all-Union newspaper "Izvestiya". In 1979 he took part in a photo exhibition within the framework of the International festival of amateur performances of the Soviet Union and Bulgaria. His works are marked with diplomas from different festivals of folk art, International photo room "Siberia-2006" and others. His works are in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Japan and other countries of the world.

The photo exhibition "Condition-6" by Genrikh Kupriyanov works in the Museum till July 31.


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