Astana is the city of great possibilities - South Kazakhstan journalist

ASTANA. July 10. KAZINFORM "Astana is the city of great opportunities, realization of plans and ambitions. This is a city which is opened for all who wish to contribute to the country's development," South Kazakhstan's Otyrar TV Channel editor Marina Nizovkina said.

"Correspondents covering events, socially important for Kazakhstan, mostly remain behind the cameras. That argument does not apply in this case. Astana is a bright example of that everything is possible," Nizovkina added.

"I've read an article of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev devoted to our capital," Marina Nizovkina noted in the interview to Kazinform correspondent.

"Being a representative of mass media of southern Kazakhstan, I fully support the President's idea that history of Astana construction is all-round and multidimensional. I have visited Astana when the city was named the capital. Today I am struck by how dramatically the capital has changed. I believe that it is a merit of the Head of State - President Nursultan Nazarbayev, " Otyrar TV Channel editor concluded.

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