Astana is the dream that came true: Asiya Mukasheva

PAVLODAR. July 10. KAZINFORM "The article by President Nursultan Nazarbayev about the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana quickens the imagination," head of the Kazakhstan Students' Alliance in Pavlodar region Asiya Mukasheva told Kazinform correspondent.

"It is hard to imagine that one man's dream can become reality and the symbol and pride of the nation. The face of the main city of Kazakhstan is just like the bezels of a diamond, it radiates light of hope for all people of the country. For us Astana is the center of attraction and unity of people for the sake of one cause. Astana is a new and young city. This is a dream that came true, a step from old to something new. Astana is Kazakhstan in miniature.

The Head of State showed how important the construction of the new capital was for the establishment of the young sovereign Kazakhstan. We know that Nursultan Abishevich put his heart and soul into Astana, it is his brainchild, his huge success.

Astana is flourishing day by day and its history has already become a part of Kazakhstan's history. The name of the First President, the main architect of the capital and the country on the whole, will remain in the history," said Ms Mukasheva.

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