Austrian, Swiss figures: West not to lose chance of reaching agreements with Rohani

VIENNA. August 4. KAZINFORM A number of Austrian and Swiss scholars said West should not lose the chance of getting into an agreement with the new Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

Former advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency and an expert in nuclear issues Behruz Bayat referred to the moderate policy of President Rohani and his readiness to reach an agreement with the West and urged the US and Europe to take practical steps towards approaching Iran.

Stressing that the West has to prove its good will, he said the first step towards this end is to acknowledge Iran's right for uranium enrichment.

President Rohani has emphasized on Iran's transparency regarding its nuclear activites, he said, expressing hope that the new Iranian president too would move towards reaching agreements with the West.

The Swiss journalist and expert Rudolph Chimelli too believed it was beneficial for the West to make use of the present chance to get itself in harmony with Tehran.

Referring to the abilities of President Rohani in solving political problems, he pointed to his significant achievements during 2003-2005 when he was in charge of Iran's nuclear negotiations and said his most significant achievement was to stop all kinds of sanctions against Iran.

He noted that President Rohani at that juncture managed to get Iran enough time to advance its nuclear program.

Underlining that President Rohani underscored Iran's nuclear rights and is not to stop uranium enrichment activities, the swiss journalist further said the western countries recognize President Rohani as a politician who, thanks to his years-long experiences as a nuclear negotiator, is capable of getting the nuclear issue to a favorable point where both sides will be satisfied.

He warned western politicians against adopting irrational policies against the new Iranian President.

Source: IRNA

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